A few articles and comedy pieces.

10/31/13 A review of The Disaster Artist. From The LA Review of Books.

2/11/13 My Skittle-studded trip to the Grammys. From

5/8/12 Kale of Duty: Why I choose to eat nothing but kale, ever, for the rest of my life. From Slate.

7/14/11 Dazed And Confused: My Sunday With Braco. A New Age Odyssey.

4/25/11 Charles Manson: The Kickstarter Page. RIYL netsourcing and serial killers.

King Dutt: An Oral History. This is a book sample I wrote with Jon Wurster and Mike Sacks. It's a parody of rock and roll oral histories.

6/9/2009 "Is Glenn Beck The Right Wing Steve Martin?" From Vanity Fair Online. And Mr. Beck's response.

3/8/2010 "Significant Object: Metal Dish." From the Significant Objects website. Thanks to my dad for placing the winning bid.

11/16/2006 "Scamalot: Is The Church Of Scientology The Best Show On Broadway?" Originally from Radar Online.

9/12/2008 "Red States, Heed My Warning!" From Vanity Fair Online.

1/2009 "George W. Bush: The End-of-Administration Slideshow." Written with Mike Sacks. From McSweeney's.

8/21/2008 "Dear Diary: Exclusive Notes From Kafka." Appeared in The Forward.